Happy Earth Day! Introducing: The Children’s Fire Project

Magic Pixies Childrens Fire Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!

Earth Day is an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection, taking place each year on the 22nd April. Protecting the planet starts with our OWN actions – we often share with you information on ‘Why Go Green’ and ways you can live a more eco-friendly life through what products you use in your home. However, this Earth Day we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you something on a much larger scale – a project very close to our hearts here at Magic Pixies.. The Children’s Fire Project.

The Children’s Fire Project

If it is true that we borrow the earth from our children, the question is: in what condition do they want us to return it?

The aim of this project is to provide a platform for that answer to be heard.

The Children’s Fire project at the G7 in Cornwall 2021 is a collaboration between mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, grandparents – indeed, ordinary people across several generations who dream of a better world, and who work to bring forth a socially just and environmentally sustainable human presence on this planet. In June of this year, the G7, a group of the most powerful economies in the world, are holding their annual meeting here in Cornwall.

With this project we are seeking to platform the voices of young people, as the generation closest to those yet to be born, to share their visions with the leaders of the world. If the G7 were to take a stand for the seventh generation it would make a massive difference for all life on the planet.

About The Seven Generations

Placing seven generations at the heart of community decision-making is embedded in many indigenous cultures, across several continents. It speaks of making decisions knowing they will impact on the future lives of all species as well as in the here and now across the planet. (This is in sharp contrast with the short-termism of most governments.)

About The G7

The G7 (or Group of Seven) is an organisation made up of the world’s seven largest so-called “advanced economies”: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, plus representatives from the European Union. The group regards itself as “a community of values”, with freedom; human rights; democracy; the rule of law; prosperity and sustainable development as its key principles.

The G7 accounts for over 50% of global net wealth and 31% of the world’s GDP (2019) but has only 11% of the world’s population. In many ways it could be argued that it also sets the agenda for 100% of the world!

How you can get involved

We are inviting YOU and your voice to be heard. We are asking for you to describe the world you dream of – whether this be a video, audio recording, drawing, poem or photograph.. However you can show us this vision, no matter what form it is in! This is for the G7 to see the response from all around the world – check out the map here.

There’s instructions on how to participate on the Children’s Fire website – we’d be appreciative of anyone who can share this link with others and get them to join the conversation. Remember to use #childrensfireG7 in all your social media posts and shares!

For more information on The Children’s Fire Project, please watch the video below and check out their website.

As we mentioned before, this is something very close to our hearts and a cause that is so important for the future of our planet. Happy Earth Day 🌱🌎