Our 5 Favourite Tips for Self Love this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not practise self love? ❤️

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, and this is something we should all take more time to prioritise. Self love is more than a relaxing evening spent in the bath – there are lots of long-term ways we can incorporate self love into our lives.

Here are our five of our favourite tips…

1. Get more sleep 💤 – this will improve the quality of your day to day life, so try and turn your bedroom into your sanctuary! Stop insta-scrolling before bedtime and try some meditation techniques.

2. Be kind to yourself 😘 – cut yourself some slack and stop criticising yourself. Talk to yourself how you’d talk to others, praise yourself for what you do and remember your best is good enough.

3. Get moving 💃🏼 – this doesn’t mean you have to go run a 10k or join a gym. Taking daily walks, dancing around the kitchen, any form of exercise will get those endorphins flowing and leave you feeling happier.

4. Do what you love! 🎸 this could be playing an instrument, cooking, drawing… Whatever it is, try and make some time for a hobby that you love.

5. Re-asses your lifestyle… 🧘‍♀️ try to stop and smell the roses every so often! Meditation or yoga are a great way to help us slow down in life and look after ourselves.