Easy Ethical Swap Sunday – Toothpaste



This Sunday, we’ve got something slightly different.. Welcome to our first ‘Easy Ethical Swap Sunday’! We hope you’re all having a lovely weekend… This week, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ethical toothpastes!

Toothpaste is something we use every day, but not something that is commonly thought about as being bad for the environment. Most conventional toothpastes use harmful ingredients for the environment and non eco-friendly packaging – luckily, there are some great alternatives out there! We’ve asked our pixies to share with you their favourites…


Romi recommends: Truth Paste

Truthpaste pride themselves on being plastic free, SLS, gluten & palm oil free and vegan and cruelty free. Their products are suitable for those with sensitive teeth, and look after your whole mouth – not just your teeth! Using organic botanicals, they harness nature’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Their packaging is zero waste, and not just plastic free, but recyclable and reusable.

Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, you can pick between Peppermint & Wintergreen or Fennel flavours in Truthpaste original. This was developed to combine natural minerals from a bentonite base, with botanicals and essential oils. This created a bold, natural alternative to conventional toothpaste with all the benefits of Aloe Vera, Neem and Myrrh.

They also do a charcoal toothpaste and a Childrens range, so there is something for the whole family! Available online at £8.99 for 100ml, or check out their website to find your local stockist.

Romi says: “I absolutely love it, the Wintergreen & Myrrh variant is truly amazing, my gums feel healthy and teeth feel really clean all day long.”


Pina recommends: Ecodenta

Ecodenta have a much wider range, with lots of different products to choose from depending on your wants and needs. Their mission is to ‘revolutionize the world of oral care by having nature’s finest and healthiest ingredients mixed to perfection through modern science’. They are Vegan, never using animal derived ingredients or testing on animals. They have the Ecocert Cosmos Certificate, recognised all over the world for products that are genuinely organic and natural, produced in line with the highest possible sustainability practices – they are environmentally friendly, respecting both human health and biodiversity. This they say is very, very, very important to them, and they are proud to mark their products with the Ecocert logo.

Ecodenta products are available from Holland and Barrett, making them easily accessible for many people. They’re also half price at the moment – with prices from £1.74 for 100ml. This puts them at a similar price point to standard toothpastes, which is great for those looking to swap without spending a lot more! They also sell other products, such as mouthwash and toothbrushes.

Unfortunately the downside to this is that the packaging isn’t recyclable. This would be a great thing for them to change!

Pina says: “It’s nice on my gums, doesn’t sting like other toothpaste!”


Charlotte recommends: Miles of Smiles from Lush 

These are not available anymore, but Lush now have a great range of ‘toothy tabs’ to replace this popular product! It would seem that their ‘Dirty Toothy Tabs’ are a rebrand of the original ‘Miles of Smiles’.

These ‘toothy tabs’ contain naturally occuring essential oils to keep your mouth in mint condition and are fluoride free. With cleansing kaolin and a triple whammy of minty goodness, the majority of the ingredients are natural and those that are synthetic are safe and non-harmful. They do not test on animals, or purchase from suppliers who do so.

Although the bottle is plastic, it is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be either recycled or reused at home. They are £6.50 per 50g bottle, and whilst the idea of solid toothpaste may feels strange at first, they’re worth giving a go!


Abi recommends: Aloe Whitening

Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste is fluoride free and uses some of nature’s most powerful and effective cleaning ingredients to whiten your teeth gently, without harsh abrasives.

It keeps your gums healthy and whitens teeth discoloured by tea & coffee, smoking, red wine and staining. This Aloe Vera toothpaste with silica cleans whitens and soothes. Essential oils of tea tree oil, peppermint and menthol protect gum health. With no fluoride and no harsh chemical cleaning agents, this toothpaste is ideal for sensitive teeth and for the environment!

This is available from Holland and Barrett, priced at £4.49!

Abi says “I use aloe whitening- have done for ten plus years. Wouldn’t use anything else!”

What are your favourite eco-friendly toothpastes? Let us know so we can give them a go!