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in Brighton and Hove, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

Magic Pixies Eco Cleaning Company is the one-stop destination for all your green-cleaning needs.

The world around us is changing, and therefore the way we live must change too. Here at Magic Pixies we use only eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning products whilst caring for your home to the highest standard. With over 3 and a half years expertise in the field, we have an eco-friendly solution for every problem.

And – not only will you have a beautifully clean home, but you will in turn be helping the environment! 

Why Go Green?

Why go green? Eco-friendly cleaning products don’t just have a positive impact on the environment, but are far safer and healthier for you, your family and your home!

Indoor Air Pollution

We are all aware of air pollution when outdoors, but did you know this is the same for when we are indoors? Indoor air pollution is dust, dirt or gases in the air inside that harm us when inhaled. It can be caused by many things – one of which being the harsh chemicals in ordinary cleaning products. These chemicals can cause numerous health issues and allergies.

The Environment

Cleaning products end up in our air and in our waterways, killing wildlife and triggering an imbalance in our eco-system. Plastic packaging from cleaning products biodegrades very slowly, and can often end up in our oceans. Using eco-friendly products not only benefits our health in our home, but that of the world around us.

Everyone has the right to a clean home without the health risks that often can come with using hazardous cleaning products. We believe it’s important that we educate people on health risks they may not be aware of, in addition to the negative effect these products have on the outside world. The positive thing? All of this can be avoided, by using eco-friendly, green cleaning products, like we do here at Magic Pixies.

Why Magic Pixies?

We have over three years experience in cleaning people’s homes to the highest of standards, without using any harmful chemicals. We want every single one of our customers to have a home they are proud of, and we promise to leave it sparkling! 

Here at Magic Pixies we believe in the power of eco-friendly cleaning, and those willing to learn can change the world. Through working together we can all make a difference! We are passionate about the environment and in turn creating a safer space in your home. We believe transparency is everything, and we all need to work towards a zero waste lifestyle and a circular economy. 

We hope to not only encourage the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, but encourage a greener life in general. We understand that making lifestyle changes can be difficult and takes time, but green living is exactly that: a lifestyle! We want to show you that an eco-friendly lifestyle is easy to follow through our research and resources, educating and guiding you on your journey to greener living.

If you share our passion for green living and would like to join the team, click here.

High Standard Of Cleaning
Less Toxic Chemicals In Your Home & The Environment
We Offer Bespoke Services
We Use Eco-Friendly Products

Award Winning

We are proud to have recently won Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company - Brighton in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020!
Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company
Southern Enterprise Awards 2020
We have also been awarded with the title of The Best Eco-friendly Company in the CorporateLiveWire Awards!
Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company
Corporate Livewire

Brighton Living Wage

As a member of Brighton’s Living Wage Campaign, we pay our sub-contractors the real Living Wage instead of the government’s national minimum, so when using our services you can be assured that everyone we work with is paid fairly.